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Worm Control in Horses

Signs of worm infestation in horses can be extremely variable, ranging from a barely detectable reduction in growth or performance through to a severe disease, colic, and sometimes death.

Signs of worms:

  • poor growth

  • weight loss

  • tail rubbing

  • scouring

  • coughing in young foals

  • colic

  • death

There are a number of worms that infest horses; the most important are large red worms (also known as large strongyles), small red worms (also known as small strongyles or cyathostomes), threadworms and large roundworms.

This Primefact provides information about what contributes to effective worm control programs.

NSW Department Of Primary Industries

Worm Control Fact Sheet

Please contact our clinic if you need to discuss your horse's worm control program, drenches or worm testing

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