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Small Animals

  • Routine small animal consultations

  • Avian and other small exotic species consultations

  • Vaccinations

  • Desexing

  • Microchipping and registration advice

  • Dietary and nutritional advice

  • General veterinary medicine and surgery

  • Advanced medical and surgical services including bone plating, soft tissue, hip and stifle surgery

  • Advanced brachycephalic airway surgery

  • Exotic pet medicine and surgery

  • Rabbit dentistry and preventative medicine

  • Small animal ophthalmology (eye) services

  • Behavioural medicine

  • Advanced dentistry procedures, including dental radiography

  • Advanced surgical pain management including regional nerve blocks and spinal epidurals

  • In house pathology services

  • Ultrasound and X-Ray imaging facilities

  • Artificial insemination and advanced breeding services for dogs

  • Transcervical endoscopic insemination

  • Canine semen chilling, freezing and dispatching

  • Emergency case management and treatment

  • Hip scoring for elbow and hip dysplasia

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