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Payment Options

At Piper Street Veterinary Clinic we realise that additional and un-planned costs can be stressful. Payment for your pet's consultation and any services provided must be made on the day.  We have some finance options available to help you get the care your pet needs and suggest you research the options available prior to your appointment . 

  • Vetpay

VetPay specialises in financing veterinary care. They provide a 90 day pre-approval, with low interest rates for the term of your contract.

  • Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance can cover a wide range of treatments. We recommend researching the various providers to see which policy offers the best cover for your pets. Be aware that some insurers may not cover pre-existing conditions, or animals over a certain age so its best to apply for pet insurance before you need it.

When researching providers and policies, ask questions such as

  • Is the breed of your pet and associated conditions with that breed covered?

  • Does your pet’s age impact the level of cover required?

  • Is there a yearly cap on specific treatments?

  • Is there a yearly cap on treatments for a specific condition?

  • Does the policy cover accidents, routine procedures and specific conditions or illnesses?

  • What are the excess fees?

  • Are there any waiting periods?

Some pet insurance companies are listed below, please note that we do not recommend any of these policies over each other .





Please note:  Piper Street Veterinary Clinic does not have any affiliation with any of the insurance companies listed above;  these have been listed as a starting point for research purposes only. It is important that you investigate all insurance companies  available , what they cover, and what they are able to offer as benefits . 

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