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Goat Worm Control

Each regional WormBoss worm control program has been developed from local research results and experience proven to be relevant and successful for most farms in the region. More refined programs can be developed in consultation with your veterinarian using information and knowledge specific to your property and goats.

When using anthelmintic products in goats, a veterinary prescription is often required because goats require a different dose rate and withholding period than specified on most products, even for many registered goat drenches.  Most sheep drenches are useful, but not registered for use in goats. While cattle drenches can be used at the label rates on goats in South Australia and sheep drenches on goats in Victoria, a veterinary prescription is still required for dose rates recommended for goats.


Northeast and Queensland Granite Belt

WORMBOSS Drench Decision Guide

NSW Northeast and Queensland Granite Belt

Please contact our clinic if you need advice on your goat flock's worm control  program

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