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Lily Toxicity in Cats

Lilies are extremely poisonous if ingested by a cat. ALL parts of the lily are poisonous - the flowers, stamen, stem, leaves and roots. The toxic dose is unknown, but thought to be reached by ingestion of, or mouthing, very small amounts of material.

When ingested, lilies cause vomiting, depression, loss of appetite, development of acute renal failure, increased drinking or dehydration, and painful enlarged kidneys. Signs may subside after 12 hours although the affected cat is likely to remain depressed. If left untreated cats may die within 3 to 7 days.

The key to successful treatment of these cats is early recognition of possible ingestion, and aggressive management of the ensuing renal failure.

 Cats should  NEVER  have access to the flowers or plants of the Lily family.

White Lillies
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