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Here is some of  Our Most Recent Success Stories

Piper Street Veterinary Clinic has countless success stories since we began over 30 years ago including many happy customers and more importantly animals!


Coco presented to the clinic with what appeared to be a non complicated urinary tract infection. After failing to respond to treatment, an ultrasound revealed small bladder stones and large blood clots within her bladder. Surgery was undertaken to remove the stones as they hadn’t responded to medical management, which was a successful procedure. Post surgery, Coco continued to urinate blood, prompting a culture of her urine. The culture grew two types of bacteria which were resistant to almost all antibiotics. Coco was admitted into the hospital and placed in intravenous fluids to increase urine output as well as daily intravenous antibiotic injections to get the infection under control. Coco stayed at the clinic for over 2 weeks, and improved daily. After undergoing constant treatments and medications over this period, Coco was discharged with no signs of infection. Coco has since not showed signs of reoccurrence of her urinary issues, much to delight of her dedicated owners.


Dilly was rehomed by one of Piper Street’s nurses after presenting with severe demodectic mange. After an intense course of weekly injections for the mites, along with regular treatments for her skin infection, Dilly gradually started to improve and regrow her missing hair. After approximately 8 weeks of treatment, Dilly was free of her mange. The photos are before and after pictures of Dilly. It is amazing to see such an improvement over an 8 week period.

Olly presented to the clinic with signs of lethargy, diarrhea and inappetence. Olly’s owners were crutching sheep and there was a high possibility that he had ingested the sheared wool. There was no vomiting or other symptoms. On examination Olly was very quiet, lethargic, had a low temperature, injected gums an abnormal capillary refill time. On abdominal palpation there was discomfort and what felt like thickened intestines. After examination we contacted his Owners and discussed a plan of an initial series of x-rays and abdominal ultrasound. The radiographs showed a distended stomach full of gas and mild intestine dilation. Ultrasound showed a possible foreign body blockage situated near the duodenum. After a few hours of intravenous fluids and supportive care there was still no movement in his intestines. We then advised the owners we needed to go ahead with emergency surgery. Surgery was a success and we were able to remove all the wool from Olly’s intestines surgically. Olly stayed with us in hospital on supportive care. The days following the surgery Olly was quiet, he was not eating and was still vomiting. We then had to go in for another investigatory surgery. The second surgery was again a success. Olly was doing well and was discharged. However, 2 days later Olly was readmitted to hospital with a bloated abdomen. Olly went in for a 3rd  surgery to drain fluid and further investigation. Our concern was a peritonitis. We drained 1-2 Litres of abdominal fluid. A 4th surgery was performed to investigate the abdomen. The abdomin looked healthy, there was no fluid in abdomen, and the enterotomy was not dehiscing. After a few days of supportive hospital care Olly was doing well and was cleared to be discharged.


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Piper Street Veterinary Clinic has been serving Tamworth and the surrounding area since 1980, our aim at  is to care for your animals in a friendly and personalised way. Piper Street Veterinary Clinic has provided veterinary care to domestic pets, farm animals and horses within the Tamworth community for over 35 years. The practice has been recently renovated and extended to provide state of the art facilities to the owners and animals of Tamworth and district.

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